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Just One – Thomas – London baby photographer


It seems only yesterday that I visited Jennifer and Carlos at their beautiful Parsons Green home in Fulham to photograph their newborn baby boy. Time has flown by and I was back to West London yesterday to take some baby pictures of Thomas, now aged three and a half months, and what a super cute little boy he is!

This picture was one of the last shots from our shoot and I just love it, with Thomas’s look of absolute glee as he laughs up at his parents, full of joy and happiness and already with so much personality shining through.

Seeing how children grow up is one of the nicest things about my work and it’s such a wonderful thing to have regular shoots to capture an amazing document of the children as they grow up. During our shoot yesterday, we were sat on the sofa as Thomas’s older sister, Stella, was looking through some of our previous albums – seeing Stella at 6 months, at 9 months, at a year… I felt so incredibly proud to have had the chance to document her first years and so excited that I will be doing the same for her brother – documenting how both the children grow up and all the lovely things they enjoy doing. It won’t be long before they will be running around together causing havoc and I can’t wait to be there to photograph it. It’s such a privilege to share so many of these moments with the children, and to get to know them over the years.

I do hope you like this baby portrait photograph of Thomas taken in Parsons Green, West London SW6. I can’t wait to share some of the others from this shoot in due course and I’m already looking forward to our shoot when Thomas is six months old, roll on May!

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