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Baby Photography in Victoria Park, Hackney


I spent a wonderful morning with Rana in the stunning Victoria Park in Hackney, taking some portraits of her beautiful family. Rana contacted me as I had been lucky enough to photograph her cousin’s family a couple of years ago. When it was time to arrange her own family portrait session she thought of me – I’m so pleased that she did. I was only too happy to arrange a photo shoot and happily jumped on the train to Hackney for our family portrait session.

It was a wonderful morning – I do love summer sessions as the light is stunning and everyone is always in such a brilliant mood. London in the summer truly is the best city in the world. I arrived early and we headed out straight away, keen to make the most of the opportunities before naptime beckoned. The park was pretty much empty as we explored, looking for patches of shade that would provide the beautiful light.

I was immediately drawn to this line of trees – I love the majestic shapes, which provide a fantastic frame and balance to the picture. I used the trees to counter the main subject, the family, in the bottom corner and to give a real sense of place to the image.

I love to incorporate the environment into my work, particularly when photographing in a location that will have a real resonance for the family and for the children as they grow up. I love thinking that when the family look back on these pictures – when this cute baby has grown to teenager or beyond – they will talk about the days they spent at Victoria Park, his favourite places and what he liked to do. By remembering these early days so many happy memories will come flooding back.

I love the expressions in this picture – everyone so happy and full of joy – and also the sense of a unit and how everyone is connected. I love how Darius hold’s his mummy’s dress while his toes are gently stroked by his daddy – a sure way to make a baby giggle. It’s an incredibly tender picture, and one that I hope the family will love as much as I do – today’s just one from our family and baby photography session in Victoria Park in Hackney.

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