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Baby Photography in Kent – Just One – Beau


The moment Beau lifted this leaf to wear as a hat I said to Carolyn ‘that will be my Just One’ and it is, an image that made me laugh out loud. It seems usual for all babies to consider leaves to be a delicious meal so as soon as one is grabbed all the adults present are usually poised to leap forward and catch it before the leaf is shoveled unceremoniously into the little ones mouth. Not Beau though, she knew how to work the camera and instead decided to wear the leaf as a hat and look up at her mum with this wonderful expression as if to say ‘what do you think Mummy? Does it suit me?’

Capturing these un-posed moments is one of the great joys of family photography and why, even after thirteen years, I’m still so excited to get up each morning and head out to work, keen to meet new families or revisit familiar faces and see what the day will bring.

I had first met Carolyn back in 2010 when I had photographed Beau’s older sister Scarlett at about the same age – ten months – which is a truly delightful time for baby portraits. I was so pleased to be booked to go back and meet the rest of the family, new baby Beau and the middle sister, Willow. We had such an amazing time and I’m so thrilled with the pictures from the day. As is often the case I started with some family shots which I will share in a future blog post and I’m so pleased with them, the perfect mix of formality and total chaos as all the girls personalities shine through and the over-riding expression is one of laughter – Carolyn has such a wonderfully happy family, a house full of laughter and love.

Then it was off to the woods to let the girls have a run around. It was a new location for me – Elmstead Wood in Kent – and I loved it. There was so much to do and we had a great time exploring with the girls showing me their favourite places and the very best games – running from one place to another high fiving in the middle being a particular favourite – I wonder if we will see them in the Olympic relay team one day?

There are so many lovely shots from the session but I do love this one, today’s just one. It’s a picture that captures a mood, a time of year and the hilarious personality of this stunning little girl. It’s a picture that I love and that I hope the family will treasure, today’s just one from our family photography session in Kent.

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