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Baby Photography in Notting Hill – Just One – Nirantara


‘Peek-a-who? Peek a BOO!’ I absolutely love this baby photograph from a recent portrait shoot in Notting Hill in West London. I love photographing babies and I’m a particular fan of babies who are about eight months old – it is a truly delightful time for photographs with the little ones sitting up confidently, interacting with the world and laughing and giggling throughout their portrait sessions. I was thrilled when Prerna contacted me to say that she would be in London, visiting with her husband and beautiful eight month old daughter, on their first family holiday together.

We got our shoot booked in and I headed to meet them at their Airbnb in Notting Hill. It was a great location, a beautiful house on one of the streets near the tube station (if you are looking for a lovely place for friends or family to stay when they visit West London drop me an email and I’ll let you know the address of this particular Airbnb, it really was lovely).

I arrived nice and early and we had a lovely day for our photography session, not too bright but lovely and warm and with soft flattering light, which works so beautifully for photographs. After discussing Nirantara’s schedule we decided to start the session at home – taking some pictures indoors before naptime. We had a lovely time playing and I was introduced to Nirantara’s favourite book ‘Peek-a-who?’ This wonderful book features in todays Just One and I will certainly be adding it to my list of ‘fantastic books for children’ which I like to keep updated so I’m never short of the perfect birthday gift for my nieces and nephews.

I love this shot, today’s Just One from our baby and family photography session in Notting Hill. I love that it tells a story – Nirantara’s happy face, so clearly absorbed in the story and her little hands raised in excitement. I love that we can see the title of the book as it’s such a special one, a real favourite, and a book that will bring back memories for the family as she grows up. I love the sense of scale provided by the two hands, adult and baby, that show us so clearly just how tiny Nirantara still is. It’s a picture that works on so many levels.

I had the most amazing time on our photo shoot, I love this picture and I hope you will too, today’s just one from our baby and family portrait photography session in Notting Hill, West London.

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