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Just One – Rosie – Baby Photography in Twickenham and Bushy Park


On Saturday I photographed one of the cutest babies I have been lucky enough to meet in a while. The lovely Rosie was an absolute joy to photograph at her family’s home in Twickenham and in nearby Bushy Park, a wonderful location for baby portrait photography.

Chatting to Rosie’s mum Alice, she mentioned how she had first seen my work up on the wall of her best friend’s sister’s home many years ago. She told me the picture had stuck in her mind. I cannot tell you how pleased I was that she chose me to photograph her lovely family. We had an absolutely brilliant time and I’m so thrilled with all the pictures, it’s been really hard to choose ‘Just One’ for the blog. This image did, however, catch my eye – I love so much about it!

When I’m taking pictures of children there are so many different elements that I have in my head – I aim to produce visually beautiful images that really capture a child’s personality in an interesting fashion. I love to use the environment to anchor an image and give a sense of place which will trigger memories for the whole family for years to come. Little Rosie was just learning to walk when we did our photo shoot. Pulling herself up on any available surface, she would move sideways. As she shuffled along from one handhold to the next, she was clearly thrilled with the progress she was making. She was gaining her freedom one step at a time. Rosie’s first birthday is coming up and I’m wondering if she will be walking on her own by then. I wouldn’t bet against it!

As for this picture, I love the fact that we can clearly see Rosie is being supported by the fence. Her cute little arms are holding on but you can’t see her legs because, unable to stand for long unaided, she is in to a precarious angle. It’s such a short moment in time – this stage between standing and walking. A picture like this is precious because it provides a reminder of Rosie at this special time.

I love the soft light in the image and the framing of the bridge. I am sure this bridge will play a big part in Rosie’s childhood. It’s a great spot for Pooh Sticks and the Billy Goats Gruff – a place for feeding the ducks and watching the world go by. Most of all though, and what brings it all together, is little Rosie’s expression. I love her look, both quizzical and engaged. She is looking outward to see what is happening, but with a little smile that says ‘look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME! I’m WALKING!’

We had an amazing time on our family photography session in Bushy Park. It was a really brilliant day and I’m so excited to be editing the pictures this week. I’ll be sharing more soon. There are some fabulous pictures still to come including beautiful portraits, some wonderful action shots and so many lovely family pictures. Do check back soon to see some more pictures from this lovely baby photography session and do let me know if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot. Although the summer is booking up fast, we still have some availability so would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

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