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Just One – Armaan – baby photography in London


Today’s Just One preview is a beautiful detail from a recent baby photography session in London. I was thrilled when Gurpreet contacted us to arrange a session with her nine month old baby boy, as this is one of my absolute favourite ages to photograph babies. I met Gurpreet and her family at their hotel in London, and we spent a wonderful morning together taking family portraits and lots of photographs of her beautiful baby boy, it was so much fun.

I chose this picture as today’s Just One as it’s a little bit different from the images I have been sharing recently as Just One images (do take a look back through the archive here). I like to show a variety of images on this blog, and the Just One section is such a lovely way for me to highlight particular images that I love from my recent children and family photography sessions – images that capture something special that I know the family will love, such as this detail of baby Armaan’s eyelashes.

I think there is a really interesting challenge in taking a really beautiful detail shot – an image that hones in on something so tiny, and yet gives a very emotive feel to a picture. All the elements have to be in place and we need good light; light is the key in so many photographs, but particularly in an image like this where the light from the window gives this wonderful soft rim light to Armaan’s beautiful profile, and lends great definition to those wonderful eyelashes.

I love how the very shallow depth of field and the wonderful clarity only possible using a macro lens has given this image such an emotive feel – it is so delicate. It’s the kind of image that makes me think the wonder of tiny babies, and the protective and incredible love that their parents have for them. It’s a delicate and beautiful picture, and I picture that I hope Armaan’s parents will love. I’m thrilled with it, today’s Just One preview image from my baby photography session in London and hope you enjoy it too.

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