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Baby Photography on Hampstead Heath – Just One


Often Grandparents join us on family photo shoots and this was the case for my recent fabulous photography session with Chris and his family in Highgate and Hampstead Heath in North London. The photo shoot had been booked as a present for his wife on her birthday and so it was a fantastic opportunity to invite family to join us for the photo shoot.

We started at home with just the immediate family – mum dad and the children. It was lovely to do some shots indoors as it’s a bit chilly at this time of year and the little ones can get cold if we are out and about for the whole morning. Also, when photographing babies it’s often good to get some pictures indoors as they can roll around happily on their parents beds, whereas we put the little ones down outside before they can really sit and it’s just rolling in the mud finding as many leaves to eat as possible (which has it’s charms but isn’t what we want to do for the whole morning). Doing a bit of the session indoors and a bit outdoors works brilliantly.

When the grandparents arrived mid morning we took the opportunity to head out – it was a stunning day, beautiful winter light and, while a little chilly, the sun was there to keep us warm. It was a short walk from Chris’s Highgate home to Hampstead Heath, one of my favourite locations in all of London for children and family photography.

We had a brilliant time, taking some family group shots and then just playing, letting everyone interact and enjoy themselves. The children loved playing with their grandparents and this shot of baby Frederyk and his grandmother just makes me smile so much. It’s so completely full of joy, who wouldn’t want a picture like this with their grandchild and who wouldn’t want this memory with one of their grandparents when they grow up – it’s everything I look for in an image.

I absolutely love the expressions, so full of happiness and joy as Frederyk, so snuggled in his warm jumper and cardigan (one hand lost in a long sleeve), reaches out to hand over his hat. Parents try so hard to keep the little ones warm and yet the number of hats, scarfs and gloves that are whipped off in the course of a photo shoot never fails to astound me. I’m guessing it’s because it makes a great game from the little one’s point of view – you put the hat on me, I take it off and pass it back, you put it on me, I take it off and pass it back. It’s like every baby’s favourite – I’ll drop this spoon/cup/fork from my highchair, you will pick it up – hours of fun for everyone!

I do hope you like this image as much as I do, today’s Just One from my recent baby and family photography session in Highgate and Hampstead, North London.

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