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Baby Photography in Radlett – Just One – Oscar


Sometimes a picture jumps straight out at me from a shoot and this was the case with this lovely family photograph from my recent baby photography session in Radlett. I love everything about it, the emotion, the expressions, the closeness of this family having such a wonderful time together.

Photographing babies is such great fun as it’s impossible not to smile when there is such joy and love in the room. Little Oscar was incredibly cute, snuggling with his parents on their bed as I took photographs in between his feeds and naps. We always work around baby’s schedules to get the very best pictures possible.

I love how everyone’s expressions are so full of joy in this image and I love the fact that they are oblivious to the camera, momentarily lost in this magical moment. I will often move the baby into the best light in a room and then suggest that parents snuggle round and play and images like this can be the wonderful result, a lovely natural moment between the family.

The other element that makes it for me is everyone’s hands together resting on Oscar’s tummy, Lauren’s fingers tenderly stroking her baby and her husband; her family. It’s these tender touches, these tiny moments that I love to capture in my work. It’s often these little gestures, a stroke of the hand here, a touch of the head there, a gentle kiss and a stroke of the hair, which really show the incredible love between parents and their children. It is this boundless love that I aim to record in pictures when I am commissioned to photograph babies and families.

I do hope you like this image as much as I do, today’s Just One from a baby and family photography session in Radlett.

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