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Baby photography with twins in Holland Park


A photoshoot to mark the girl's first birthday

This time last year I was lucky enough to meet Neda and Saj and I spent a wonderful morning with them photographing their newborn babies. It was one of my favourite newborn shoots ever and so I was thrilled when Neda got in touch to arrange a new family photoshoot to mark the twins first birthday.

Annual photoshoots are such a lovely habit to get into, each year we update the family albums and add new images that, over time, build into the most incredible document for the children to look back on in the future. They can see themselves grow up and enjoy looking back at the time they spent with their parents, the things they loved to do and the places they loved to go, memories that will bring them joy. I’m so lucky to have a job that provides such a gift to the children I meet.

I was right to look forward to my day with Neda and Saj because it was brilliant, we had such a lovely time. The twins were such a joy and we started our day with a walk to nearby Holland Park to enjoy the sunshine. The girls loved the bubbles we had bought and playing with their toys (and also emptying their mummy’s handbag and chewing their parent’s phones. I do love how children always gravitate towards their parent’s things – ‘phone or toy? Hmm.. I think I’ll chew that phone’).

For the second half of the photo shoot we headed back home. I do love to take some pictures indoors, particularly with babies, as it’s so nice to show their everyday environment. For babies it also means they have more of a chance to crawl around and we can take some shots just in nappies with pretty covers on which always look beautiful. It was back at home that I took some of my favourite shots of the day including this one which I’m sharing as a sneak peek today.

The girls share a bedroom but not normally a cot and they clearly thought it was hilarious to be in one together. I love how they have pulled themselves up and are laughing so happily as they show off their new skill. I’m thrilled with how both the girl’s personalities are shining through, so full of joy in this lovely twin portrait.

I’m looking forward to sharing more pictures from this wonderful baby photoshoot in due course, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from my recent session in Holland Park.

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