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Just One – Harriet and Jessica – baby photography with twins


Nine month old twins are a personal favourite when it comes to photography sessions – at this age, the children are still baby-like but they also have a very definite personality. They are interested in the world around them – laughing, smiling and interacting – and yet they often can’t crawl yet, so can still be photographed safely on a bed where they are raised off the floor to get the very best of the window light. It’s a wonderful age for photography and I was thrilled when Liz arranged her family photo session with me.

Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is a favourite from our session – I love how the twins’ different personalities shine through in the picture with their different expressions, but both so full of joy. I love Harriet’s laugh and Jessica’s questioning glance, it’s perfect.

The bed was a wonderful place for our photo shoot – it was a very dark day when I visited Liz, and the family was visiting Liz’s parents’ home in Buckinghamshire from their own home in Germany, so we were working in the spare room. As soon as I saw the bed, I thought it would work brilliantly as the headboard was such an interesting shape and would frame the picture so well.

Often I keep the pillows on the bed, but today I wanted to really make a statement with the shape of the headboard and keep it all very simple, so I removed the pillows from the background. I love how the headboard holds everything in place and yet with its curves and padded texture, it is very soft, cosy and feels protective, perfectly in tune with the babies who are so very young and very precious.

I have shot from quite a low angle to capture the twins perfectly framed and I’m thrilled with the result. I do hope you like it too, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from my recent photo shoot with nine month old twins, Harriet and Jessica.

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