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Baby Portrait North London – Just One – Edward


Today on the blog I’m thrilled to be sharing this beautiful portrait from my recent North London baby and family photography session. Caroline had found me on Google and liked my natural style of family photography – pictures that capture personalities without relying on use of elaborate props and so I thought this picture would be a lovely one to share for my Just One as it’s a beautiful and classic portrait.

I love pictures like this that are so completely timeless, this picture doesn’t scream 2016 and so will never be the kind of picture where children say ‘oh mum, what were you thinking’ (and we’ve all had those pictures taken over the years, I certainly have memories of a certain lime green outfit from Etam, oh the 1980s!). Instead it’s everything I want in a portrait, an image that the children will love as they get older as it’s classic and beautiful and really captures Edward’s personality with his charming smile just as his fantastic personality captured my heart. Ten months is such a fabulous age for photographing babies, I love how their little personalities are developed and they are always so full of fun and laughter.

We had such a wonderful morning taking family photographs in North London and it was fantastic for me to really explore a new park. I’ve walked through Waterlow Park in Highgate before but I’d never done a family photo shoot there and it was a wonderful location with lots of variety in terms of background and interesting places to play. We had such a brilliant time and both the children were an absolute joy, enjoying hunting for bears and games of hide and seek, before returning home for a few more pictures at the house. There are so many lovely images from this session I look forward to sharing some more in the future.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy today’s Just One, this beautiful classic baby portrait photograph from our North London family photography session.

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