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Just One – Alexa – baby portrait photography in East London


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image, from our recent baby and family photography session in East London, can’t fail to make you smile – I think it’s such a fun shot.

I’m not one to bring props to my children’s photo shoots – I don’t arrive with a selection of outfits and toys for the children to play with. I believe passionately that all the elements in a photo shoot should be personal to the family – children should wear what they normally wear (whether this is a smart shirt or a batman costume), and the family should be relaxed in their own environment. However, when I arrive at a house and see something that will make a brilliant photograph, then I will definitely ask to use it.

This was the case when I arrived at Penny and Mike’s incredible flat and saw this enormous neon heart. I discovered it had been used as a decoration at their wedding three years before and so it seemed even more perfect to include it in one of my images of their beautiful baby daughter Alexa.

It was one of those moments when everything falls into place to make a great picture – we laid the neon sign on the floor and I was able to shoot down from the mezzanine balcony above, capturing a really lovely arial shot while baby Alexa laughed up at her Daddy while Penny stood by nice and close to make sure Alexa was completely safe.

Alexa loved it – she was fascinated by the light, but was equally clearly finding it hilarious that Mike was looking down from so high up and making her giggle as she lay on the floor. I love her expression – so happy while bathed in the glow of this glorious neon sign.

It makes for a really original and unique baby photograph that has such a lovely story behind it. I can imagine baby Alexa asking her parents about it in the future and hearing all about her parents’ wedding.

I love this unique and fun-filled baby portrait, and hope you will enjoy it too – today’s ‘Just One’ image from one from our recent baby and family photography session in Mile End, East London.

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