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Baby Portrait Photography in Holland Park – Just One – Antonia


Today on the blog a wonderful exuberant baby photograph from a recent family photography session in Holland Park.

It’s always such a pleasure choosing images for the ‘Just One’ series, finding a photograph from a session that speaks to me in some way and that I feel captures the essence of our day. Over the course of each session I will take lots of lovely pictures and so there are always a wonderful range to choose from – family shots, portraits, but it’s often an action shot that will catch my eye, a picture where expression, gesture and composition all come together to create something new and unique, something special for each family.

That is the case with this image – I love it for so many reasons. The first thing that struck me was the look of absolute joy and excitement on Antonia’s face as she plays peek-a-boo with her parents. It’s so full of love and so cheerful, Antonia really was a dream to photograph – we all spent such a great morning together and had a great time playing this game.

I love the graphics of the image, the pattern on the beautiful scarf – very special to the family as the scarf worn when they bought Antonia home from the hospital – and the folds and shapes of the fabric really make this image. The curves of the edge of the silk are also mirrored by the beautiful pattern of the scarf itself. I love how Antonia’s gesture adds to these shapes, arms outstretched as she reaches out to her parents.

It’s an image where you can feel the energy, you can sense the silk scarf floating down – ‘where is Antonia?’ and being pulled up quickly with a call of ‘there she is!’ to the delight of this wonderful little girl. It has everything that I look for in a baby photograph and I hope this is a photograph that will bring a smile to Antonia’s parent’s faces – it certainly brings a smile to mine.

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