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Just One – Joshua – baby portrait photography in Surrey


I’m not usually one to recreate a picture from an earlier session, as I find that responding to the children on the day creates spontaneous images that are full of vibrancy. However, sometimes I take a picture that I think captures something about a family that can be interesting to recreate at a later date, as the children grow, to really demonstrate the passage of time in a visual fashion. This is the case for today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our recent baby and family photo session in Surrey.

I first met Joshua when I took his newborn baby photographs back in November – we had an amazing session and he was a dream to photograph, as were the family’s dogs who got involved and were instrumental in one of my favourite ever newborn baby photos, which I absolutely love:

Returning to photograph Joshua now he is 10 months old, I had this newborn photograph at the back of my mind and thought it might be really fun to take an updated version to show how much Joshua has grown, and how he and the dogs are such friends – a friendship that will only develop as Joshua gets bigger and is more able to play with the dogs.

I love this shot of the three of them on the bed; I love how there are so many elements that are similar to the original shot, but equally how different it is. Everyone so much more alert and Joshua, so full of laughter and having grown into such a fun baby, is full of personality. I love how the scale is different too and the snoozy, calm feel of the earlier picture is now full of energy.

It’s great to see the pictures side by side – what a difference ten months makes!

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