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Baby Photography in Crouch End North London – Just One


Today I’m thrilled to share this image from a recent toddler session in Crouch End in North London. It’s always such a fun job choosing my ‘Just One’, a favourite picture that I feel sums up our photo shoot. I like to choose pictures that speak to me, whether it’s a particularly interesting composition or use of light, a beautiful portrait, or a shot that depicts the relationship between my subjects. This picture spoke to me because of the feeling of joy within the image. I love how Kate and Will are smiling so happily as they play together on the sofa. Their matching smiles so full of love.

We spent a wonderful morning together in Crouch End – we started off out and about in Queens Wood having a run around and playing in the leaves. Will was hilarious, particularly enjoying a commando shuffle down the hill, moving so fast backwards through the leaves. Kate was in fits of laughter as I shuffled down on my tummy photographing as we went along. It was a shame (or a blessing) that Kate’s phone was full and she couldn’t get any video footage or I would have shared that too, it was hilarious.

By mid-morning Will was getting a little tired and it was a bit cold outside so we headed home. I always love to do part of a session indoors as I think it’s so important to have pictures in the home, the details make up so much of a child’s memories, the furniture and the decorations, the toys and the family pets, these are elements that are so lovely to include in pictures.

Black and white photography really comes into it’s own when photographing indoors as we are working with suggestion – brightly coloured elements become tones of grey so we are able to identify those things which will bring back memories without being distracted by the rainbow coloured plastic toys or bright patterned book spines.

I love how this image will bring back memories for Will, both of the fun, laughter and joy of his relationship with his mum but also the details, the chair and the bookcase, which he will remember as he grows older. He will have spent so much time on that chair with his parents, snuggling and giggling and reading books and it’s always lovely to remember our homes, as they were when we were growing up.

All these elements come together to create a photograph that I love – this beautiful mother and baby portrait from my recent toddler session in Crouch End, North London.

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