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Battersea Newborn Photographer – Just One


Newborn photography in Battersea on the blog today – a single image from my recent wonderful photo shoot with Susan and her beautiful family. I’ve been photographing a lot of newborns this year and they are always such a pleasure and a privilege – I feel so lucky to be invited into people’s homes at this incredibly special time as they are getting to know their tiny new baby.

As the second child baby Sophia was incredibly chilled out – happily snuggling on the bed while her big sister crawled around her, investigating everything she could get her hands on from my camera to any number of boxes around the room. I love how little ones are interested in absolutely everything, it makes them so much fun to photograph.

While I will definitely be sharing some pictures of big sister Ava in a later blog post today it’s all about baby Sophia – so tiny and new and yet so alert. Often when I photograph newborns they sleep through much of the day – not so Sophia who wanted to be in on everything that was going on, her eyes following the action to see what was happening. At two weeks old she was already looking at her big sister with the adoration that will, I am sure, colour much of their childhood – big siblings are always the best people in the world to their little brothers and sisters.

This shot caught my eye, as it’s such a lovely portrait. It’s a simple shot but a natural one. I am very conscious with my photographs to have as natural a feel to them as possible – I want the children to look back on them when they are older and see a snapshot of normal life, a picture that isn’t about the photo shoot but is about the family and their relationships, where they live and what they love. This picture of baby Sophia does just that, wrapped in a blanket on her mummy and daddy’s bed just a few days old it captures this time perfectly – this beautiful little girl surveying her world.

I do hope you like it, today’s Just one from my recent newborn baby photography session in Battersea with little Sophia. Do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own family photo shoot with a newborn baby or with older children – I’d love to hear from you.

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