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Just One – beautiful black and white children’s portrait photography


On the blog today, I’m delighted to share a beautiful natural portrait of the lovely Lena who I have recently had the pleasure of photographing.

What I particularly love about this picture is the incredible tones in this beautiful black and white image, as monochrome has such an wonderful way of really drawing the viewer into an image. The light was absolutely phenomenal when Lena sat down with her Dad to read Thomas the Tank Engine after her nap. I found myself a space on the floor and worked on getting this image just right. Shooting into very bright sunlight like this is technically difficult and I had to work hard to capture the tones just right and to avoid having too much flare on the image. Prime lenses really help with this and I’ve always been a great fan of using the best possible equipment to ensure I can transfer my vision into photographs that my clients will love.

I love Lena’s look of absolute concentration as she listens intently to the story, fingers pressed to her lips in anticipation of what will happen next. It’s a timeless image and one that I hope everyone will love as much as I do – it’s a beautiful, natural portrait photograph that makes the best use of black and white, the medium that I believe is best suited to children’s portrait photography.

If you enjoy this image and are keen to arrange for your own family to be photographed this year, then please do contact us – weekend shoots are booking up fast into the summer and we’d love to put a date in the diary for you.

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