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Just One – Sofia – beautiful children’s portrait photography at Coworth House, Ascot


It’s the perfect time of year to be a children and family photographer! I’m loving being out and about taking lots of lovely portrait photographs in this beautiful weather. It feels as if summer is here (most of the time), and with the occasional chilly breeze and brief shower, the weather has been lovely these past couple of weeks. I had the most amazing time photographing Oliver and his beautiful family at the incredible Coworth Park Hotel and grounds in Ascot this weekend. It was the most wonderful day and the set of pictures that I am currently processing are making me absolutely thrilled, there are so many lovely images to choose from.

Today’s Just One preview is a photograph that I had a great feeling about as soon as I released the shutter. Sofia is one of the most beautiful children I have ever photographed, and with the most incredible poise and grace. She is a very talented ballerina with a delicacy of movement and an elegance that I have rarely seen in one so young. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph the family since 2011, and it’s a real privilege to watch this wonderful family grow up.

We had an incredible day together, exploring the grounds of Coworth House, playing in the sunshine, eating the most fantastic picnic and photographing the children having their riding lessons and playing cricket. I look forward to sharing some more pictures in the blog soon which also feature Sofia’s lovely brothers too. Today’s preview image features a moment that took place in between a vigorous bout of sword fighting between Sofia and her younger brothers (what other use is there for a stick?) and looking for fish in the ornamental pond, when Sofia walked down this stunning avenue of trees. I turned and saw this magical moment. She was looking down and it was as if a moment from a fairy tale unfolded before me. The avenue of trees created the perfect frame, with the light at the end giving the context of this beautiful bright day at Coworth Park with Sofia, stunning in her beautiful dress, like a figure from another world.

It’s an image that will stick with me forever, a perfect moment with that touch of light on her hip giving a sense of spontaneity and movement. It’s this touch that elevates this image to something natural, something stunning, something unrepeatable, and above all, beautiful.

I’m thrilled with this image and I hope you will love it as much as I do, today’s Just One preview image from our children’s and family photography session in Coworth Park Hotel in Ascot.

I’ll look forward to sharing some more photographs from this wonderful session soon, but in the meantime, do contact us if you would like to arrange your own family photo shoot over the summer months – we would love to hear from you.

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