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Beautiful Light for a Mother and Baby Portrait – Just One


I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it – the light was incredible in this dark corner of a children’s playground on my recent photo shoot for Jenny and her lovely family and this special moment between Jenny and her son makes for an image that captured my heart.

This was my second shoot with Jenny and it was lovely to go back and see how the girls had grown and to meet their new baby brother Alex as well as their cousin who had joined us for the day out. It’s always a privilege to return to my clients and see my pictures on the wall; I’m very lucky to have so many returning clients.

We decided to go out for the day and with bags packed full of snacks we jumped in the car and headed to a nearby national trust property which was a fantastic location for our family photography session. I love how so many of these grand houses and gardens have so much for children to do – woodland walks, great playgrounds and fabulous cafes to feed everyone when tiredness takes over. It was a brilliant choice.

It’s been so hard choosing an image for today’s Just One but I was immediately drawn to this picture because of the fantastic light and the lovely expressions. This picture was taken in the corner of a playground, right next to the giant swing and I love how it could be anywhere, it’s completely timeless. There was very little light in the area as trees grew up on every side but the light coming in from above provided this wonderful illumination – almost a spotlight on my beautiful subject. Alex’s face, lifted to the light, inquisitive and a touch wistful (is he dreaming of the future or just wondering how old he needs to be to go on the zipwire?).

I look forward to sharing some other images from this fabulous photo shoot soon but in the meantime I hope you like this picture, today’s Just One, from my recent family photography session.

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