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Just One – Brogan and Flynn- children’s photographer in Beckenham, Kent


I love a picture that rewards a second look – an image that is great when you glance at it and then, a second later, you find yourself laughing out loud when you see the full story, the visual joke. Images like this, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from my recent photo shoot in Beckenham in Kent.

It’s an image that sums up so much of childhood – the younger sister on the swing and their older brother giving a gentle push. And then you realise, it’s no gentle push. Flynn is up in the air, jumping as high as he can, and using gravity to swing Brogan higher and higher and higher!

I honestly have never seen such enthusiastic swinging, nor a small boy jump so high. It really was wonderful. I took a number of pictures while falling about with laughter along with the children’s parents as we watched this amazing spectacle. This image is my favourite – the energy is just fabulous and this is a shot that the children will love when they are older. It’s a wonderful document of sibling love and friendship – the things that brothers do for their younger sisters, and make families such an amazing thing.

I’m thrilled with this image and I hope you like it too, our ‘Just One’ preview image from our children’s photography session in Beckenham in Kent.

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