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Black and White Portrait Photography – Just One


This is such an incredible smile. The youngest of five children, Khalifa rules the roost in his family home and it’s so clear that his older brother and older sisters absolutely adore their youngest sibling, and I can see why. His smile can light up a room and I’m so pleased to have recorded it in this photograph on our recent family photography session.

I first met the family back in the spring when they were visiting London on holiday, now, staying for the summer we arranged another photo shoot to document the children in their amazing summer home.

This recent heat wave has been great for so many wonderful early summer photo shoots in London and the home counties and I’ve had such fun running around in the lush summer greenery, photographing families having fun and enjoying the sunshine.

I love how happy children are when we go outside, how they can find games in anything, running around, playing tag and laughing while they play on the playground. The ability to create fun is a childhood skill that sometimes gets lost in adulthood and it’s always so refreshing to spend a morning in the company of children to remember the joy and excitement the natural world can bring. I caught the biggest cricket I’ve caught in ages on this photo shoot, it’s funny how the old skills of looking closely and moving slowly come back to you when you start to play in nature.

There are so many wonderful pictures from this session and I’m really enjoying processing them. I hope you like my choice for today’s client sneak peek – sometimes a picture just jumps out at me and this is definitely one of those, I just love his smile.

If you are interested in booking your own family shoot for the summer or the autumn then do get in touch, we still have some dates available and it would be lovely to meet you and your family.

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