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Just One – Ella – Blackheath baby and family photography


I grew up in Blackheath in South East London and so it’s always a real pleasure to return to photograph babies and families in my old stomping ground. I was thrilled when Neda contacted us to photograph baby Ella and today I shall be sharing ‘Just One’ preview image from our baby and family photo shoot in Blackheath.

Ten months old is one of my favorite ages to photograph babies – they are so much fun at that age, full of smiles and giggles, and so engaged with those around them and interested in everything. It is just a joy to capture on camera and I love the fact that you can really see their little personalities shining through, too!

Ella is just learning to crawl – she can move around so quickly, but hasn’t yet realised that it can help to pick her body up off the ground – instead she drags herself around at astonishing speed, tummy down on the grass and an incredible smile on her face – ‘look at me, I’m so clever, I can crawl, yipeeeee!’ It is so very cute and not a method I have ever seen before, it’s usually the bottom shuffle if not a traditional crawl.

I love this picture as it captures this moment in time. I imagine that it won’t be long at all before Ella realises it will be easier to crawl in the traditional manner or even starts to pull herself up and walk. To have a picture of this tummy crawl will be so much fun in future years as the family talk about these early months, and it will be lovely for Ella to hear stories about her early months even if she will have no memory of it herself (my mother tells me that I didn’t walk until I was two – instead, I stood holding her skirt and getting in the way until I knew I would be able to move fast enough not to get knocked over by one of my many brothers – stories like this are lovely to hear).

I also love Ella’s expression – so happy and full of joy, and with such a smile of achievement as her right hand comes forward to pull her closer to her parents. It’s a look that says ‘look at me mummy and daddy, I love you and I’m coming for a cuddle!’

I love this picture and I hope you will too, ‘Just One’ from our baby and family photoshoot in Blackheath, South East London.

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