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Just One – Ollie – baby photographer in Blackheath, South London


Today I’m thrilled to be sharing a picture of Ollie on the blog, the third baby of one of my best friends in the whole world. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph all three of Helen’s boys at about four months old, which is no mean feat as the family lives the other side of the world. We have always managed to schedule our baby and family photography sessions for when Helen has been visiting her parents in Blackheath in South London, and it was wonderful to meet baby Ollie last week.

Ollie is such a sweet baby, and so expressive. I love this portrait as it’s such an inquisitive look – I can imagine this may be characteristic as he gets older and finds hobbies that fascinate him. He’s so completely absorbed in what is going on behind me, and I have to say that old CDs strung over the garden to deter squirrels is a spectacular way to entertain a baby on a photography session – it’s amazing what you discover by chance!

We had a wonderful time capturing family photographs and beautiful portrait photos of Ollie as we chatted, laughed and caught-up. These sessions during which I photograph the children of those I love are a real perk of the job.

I’ll share some more pictures soon, including pictures of the whole family, individual portraits of baby Ollie, and also with his grandparents. But for today’s ‘Just One’, here is a single image – a beautiful portrait of baby Ollie taken on location at his grandparent’s home in Blackheath, London SE3.

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