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Chelsea Baby Photography – a Battersea Park shoot – Just One


This expression strikes me as wonderful which is why I have chosen this image for my ‘Just One’ from our recent baby photography session in Chelsea and Battersea Park.

I had arrived at Maria’s stunning Chelsea flat nice and early so we could get the best of the weather and also to take advantage of the park when it was nice and empty – at this time of year the crowds come out so early and so arriving at the park by 8.30 was just perfect. It was just the us and the dog walkers, we even beat the fitness classes to the bandstand!

I love Battersea Park as a location for family photography, it’s got such wonderful variety from the incredibly bandstand – which is one of the most picturesque in London – to the lovely garden areas, the stunning water features and the path down by the Thames. It’s a brilliant spot. We had decided to start our session at the park and then, mid-morning, head home for some pictures in the flat and it worked perfectly.

This picture is from the beginning of our session when we were having a play on the bandstand in Battersea Park. I was taking pictures of Svante as he explored, crawling around and seeing what he could find. As he headed towards the edge we all got closer (it’s always so important that we consider safety first at all times) but Maria assured me that he was great at getting up and down the steps on his own. I was incredibly impressed to see how well he climbed at such a young age, with great control going up and down.

This shot was taken before he did his first decent and I just love the expression, that little grin as he seems to say ‘ha, you don’t think I can do this because I’m a tiny baby, but I can and I will show you how well I can’ and he could and he did. I was so impressed.

I also love the framing of this image. I had to get down really low to get this angle, lying on the ground at the bottom of the steps and looking up at Svante. Ensuring that he was completely symmetrical within the bandstand itself to make a perfectly balanced image but also making sure to see a bit of his leg in shot so he doesn’t look as if he is growing up out of the ground. It’s an angle I’ve not seen when photographing a baby on one of London’s bandstands and I’m always pleased when I take a picture that’s completely unique – it’s something I aim for on all my family photo shoots.

We had a brilliant time and I’ll share some more pictures from our fantastic session in due course, but in the meantime I hope you like this, today’s Just One from my baby and family session in Chelsea and Battersea Park.

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