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Just One – Sophia


Sometimes I take a picture on a children’s photo shoot and know immediately it will be my ‘Just One’ preview image for the blog. This picture of Sophia was one of those, a shot that I loved the moment I took it.

We were having a great time playing hide and seek and were hiding from mummy in one of the bedrooms. Sophia snuck under the bed so I hid down there too. If you have ever wondered how easy it is to get under a bed wearing two large cameras and a waist pack full of lenses, I can tell you it is harder than it looks. Much harder! But squeeze in I did and I was rewarded by this gorgeous picture of Sophia smiling at the camera, her head resting on the floor and with the base of the bed just visible at the top of the shot giving the image context.

I love how we have a classic portrait here, but with a wonderful light-hearted feel from the fact that we are playing a game rather than just posing for the camera. The smile is so natural, full of life and energy – Sophia was such fun to be around, a really vibrant personality.

This picture speaks to me of the happiness of a delightful little girl enjoying her summer holidays, playing fun games around the house and loving every minute of it. It’s an image that makes me smile and I hope it will make you smile too – our ‘Just One’ preview image from our family photography session in Dorset.

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