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Just One – Edwin & Thomas – children’s photography in Oxford


Even though I’m based in London, I find that I travel to the beautiful city of Oxford four or five times a year to photograph children and families, and it’s one of my favourite locations. I chose Cambridge for my University days but I’ve always loved the city, and so I’m always thrilled to visit Oxford for children’s and family photo shoots. This weekend I visited the wonderful twins Edwin and Thomas, and we had a marvellous time photographing them with their parents at their grandparents’ house.

Edwin and Thomas are such fun – they both have really lovely, sunny personalities and are smiling all the time. It’s wonderful to photograph such happy little boys.

This photograph, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our children’s and family photography session in Oxford, caught my eye. I love the repetition of the boys in their similar (but slightly different) jumpers and their little gillets. I love how they are standing, by chance, in identical poses as they looked round at the same moment, laughing at their mummy, resulting in this lovely photographic portrait of the twins.

It’s great to be able to showcase some of my favourite images, some of my best photographs of children, in this ‘Just One’ section of the photoblog (you can see the various categories in the top menu on the right-hand side of the blog) and I do hope you enjoy looking at them.

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