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Children’s Photography in Crouch End – Just One – Henry


On the blog today, I am sharing a beautiful and classic portrait of Henry, my ‘Just One’ from our recent children and family photography session in Crouch End, North London N8.

I always aim to capture a really lovely variety of images for my clients, from the inventive environmental portraits that I am known for, to a selection of beautiful portrait pictures. Either way, I focus on capturing the essence of a child. Whether the composition is inherently simple or more intricate in its use of light and background, I am always looking to create images that are, although timeless, an apt and immediate portrayal of the moment.

I think this image of Henry does just that. It’s a classic portrait. The light is natural and the composition is classic. Personally, I might be tempted to display this in a square frame emphasising the calm symmetry of the image. Although simple, this image is not unexciting. This portrait of Henry, smiling up at the camera, is full of personality. I love how so much is captured in such a straightforward composition, especially bearing in mind that such effortless arrangements allow no room for error when it comes to the technical elements of photography.

As with all my work, I feel the use of black and white really adds to the timeless nature of this image. All ephemeral elements – the bright green t-shirt and the colourful background items – are relegated. Blending seamlessly together into this simple dark background, our focus is drawn to Henry’s intense gaze. If eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, this classic portrait leads us exactly there. It is this level of insight into personality that I am always seeking in my family photography.

I love this picture and I hope you will too – today’s Just One, a beautiful classical black and white portrait of Henry from our photo shoot in Crouch End in North London.

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