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Just One – Carolina and Alvarito – children’s photographer in Kensington, Lonodn


I love bit of interaction in a picture and that is why this image of Carolina and Alvarito jumped out at me when I downloaded the photographs from our recent children’s and family shoot in Kensington, West London SW5.

I have chosen this picture as the ‘Just One’ preview image from this family shoot as it seems to me to sum up so much about the relationship between the children. I love how Carolina is looking at her little brother, her hand protectively on the back of the chair but clearly about to spin him round, a tiny smile on her lips. Alvarito is looking up and laughing, both at his parents watching and also in anticipation of the fun of the merry-go-round (or the merry-go-chair, in this case). It is a picture that really sums up the sibling relationship – shared jokes and fun but with a protective element along with the possibility, always there with a sibling, that the chair will be spun super-fast and it might end with tears and the medicinal application of a chocolate biscuit (although Carolina and Alvarito were very gentle in their chair spinning and no chocolate biscuits were needed in the creation of this photograph).

I love the simplicity of the composition of this image with the white chairs, the white wall, the beautiful clothes the children are wearing and even their tiny little feet so perfect without socks. The composition is clear and precise with everything happening on the rule of thirds but with that lovely linking arm holding the two sides of the image together – the children as individuals but linked as siblings and the best of friends.

I hope you enjoy this single image from our recent photo shoot in Kensington, South London SW5 and I look forward to sharing more pictures from this children’s and family photography session on the blog very soon.

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