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Just One – Juan Pablo and Ana – children’s photography at Kew Gardens, South West London


I imagine regular readers of the blog must love the autumn period, as there are so many familiar faces as I see a lot of families at this time each year, updating their family photographs and capturing up-to-date pictures of the children for Christmas cards and gifts for family and friends.

I’ve been photographing Olga and her beautiful family around the Kensington area for years now – nine times since 2006, in fact. We always have the most wonderful time and I love to see how the children are growing up, they are such lovely kids. This year we decided to visit Kew Gardens in South West London, a lovely spot for some children and family photography and a garden we had not visited together before – it’s always fun to do something different with a family each year, it helps make for really interesting and different photographs.

I always love the interaction between siblings and there is something truly magical about the bond between twins. Juan Pablo and Ana have always been so close and are such a loving brother and sister, it’s a real joy to behold. I love how Juan Pablo can make Ana laugh so much and how protective he is of his sister.

This picture, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our family photo shoot in Kew Gardens, seems to symbolise that relationship to me. The children are on a giant seesaw (the old games really are the best games) and they are laughing together while they go up and down. The enormous tree in the background gives us a sense of place – we are in Kew Gardens, the most magical botanical garden London has to offer – the children are looking at each other and laughing, Juan Pablo sharing this moment with his sister who, in return is looking up at him with the most adoring eyes. Brothers truly are the best thing in the world (or so I’ve always believed, having three of them).

It’s a wonderful moment to be reminded of as they become teenagers and fight over each little thing; a moment to think back on as they head off to University or to their first jobs; a picture to make them smile as they have their own children and see the same smiles and laughter as they, in their turn, enjoy a trip to the park. It’s everything I aim for in a children’s portrait photograph – it captures a moment in time, a real emotion, love between family members in a lovely interesting picture that will be treasured forever.

I hope you enjoy today’s Just One preview image from our children and family photography session taken on location in Kew Gardens, South West London.

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