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Children’s Photography in Guildford – Just One – Jump!


I love this shot of Edward jumping that I took recently on a family photo shoot in Surrey. It was an incredibly cold day and the children were wrapped up warm as we headed out to take some photographs.

Even though it can be chilly I do love this time of year for pictures and with all the running around we do the children soon warm up and everyone has such a great time. I love how kids enjoy being outdoors whatever the weather, they will always find something to entertain them and nature really works it’s magic as the worlds greatest playground.

Here Edward was playing in the sand – I’ll admit I was surprised to walk out of the car park in the middle of Surrey and see a sign to ‘the beach’ but I’ll never complain at such a fun surprise. I can see why the area is popular and will definitely try to visit again for another photo shoot in the summer.

Edward was digging holes and then jumping on them – a time honored game as fabulous as the other classic we enjoyed on this photo shoot ‘carrying a large stick around for a long time’. The old games are the best games.

I was keen to get a silhouette shot and so found myself lying in the sand (I’m so glad I have good waterproof trousers) to ensure the separation between Edward’s feet an the horizon which are so important in making this shot work.

I love this shot, there is something about Edward’s body language that speaks of his concentration on the task in hand, he’s completely unaware of my presence as he jumps, eyes on the prize, the hole below.

I love the mystery of the shot created by the use of silhouette, which is something that I explore a lot in my work.

I hope you enjoy it, do check back soon for some more pictures from this fun family photo shoot in Surrey.

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