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Just One – Honor


I’ve always loved photographing children and water – whether it’s with hoses in the back garden, water pistols in the driveway, charging into the sea or jumping into a pool. Last year I even started taking the odd underwater picture, which I have really enjoyed.

This picture of Honor playing in the family swimming pool caught my eye as I was downloading my memory cards and I love the joy in it – it’s pure happiness caught in a five hundredth of a second. This is one of the things I love about my work. I might be with a family for a whole morning, but the sum total of time my finger is on the shutter of the camera may only be a single second, with each picture captured in a tiny fraction of that – a slice of time, a fleeting expression, a moment of joy. This is the photographer’s art and the thing that makes my heart soar with happiness – capturing that tiny moment, that split second, where everything comes together to produce an image that really captures the spirit of the child, the day, the sheer joy of being alive. This image, to me, does just that.

I hope you like it, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from my recent family photo shoot in Suffolk.

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