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Just One – Jemima and Sabrina


Sometimes I am laughing so much I have to remember to take the photograph, and this was the case for today’s ‘Just One’ image from my recent children’s and family photoshoot in Knightsbridge, London SW1X.

There is something about children hiding, making dens and the wonderful small spaces that children can fit into that just makes me laugh. I think it’s the fact that my brothers and I spent so much time building dens as children that they really appeal to me – whether they are elaborate wooden structures, fabulous cushion castles or just the simple things – hiding in a cupboard or, in this case, under a desk. It’s the essence of childhood to me.

There is a wonderful snugness about these kind of hiding places, a togetherness for siblings, and a joy and anticipation while hiding from the Gruffalo. We all know that the squeals of excitement are coming, only moments away.

I’m so thrilled with this image, it captures all of it: the fun, the excitement, the energy and the happiness that such a simple game can bring.

I hope you like it as much as I do and enjoy this sneak preview image from my recent children’s and family photography shoot in Knightsbridge London SW1X.

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