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Just One – Henry – children’s photography in Hampshire


Peek-a-boo, I see you!

I love this picture of Henry from our recent child and family photography session at his home in Hampshire. Hide and seek is truly one of the best games ever!

It’s the minimalism of the composition in this picture that really makes it for me – after all, we can only see a portion of Henry’s face and yet the full force of his personality shines through. His eye looks straight at the camera with a look of such concentration: ‘if I stay really, really quiet, perhaps she won’t see me’. We can see the folds in the curtain where he is holding it tight, keeping that wonderful hiding place from falling apart.

I also love the tones in the curtains with its shades of grey leading the viewer from the corners in to Henry’s face, the brightest area in the shot and with that eye, so piercing, grabbing the attention and holding it. It makes for a lovely children’s portrait.

I do hope you like this picture as much as I do, a ‘Just One’ preview image from our recent children and family photography session in Hampshire.

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