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Just One – Julia – children’s portrait photography in Fulham


I was thrilled to be invited back to visit Julia and her parents in Putney this week to update the family’s portrait photographs. I was lucky enough to meet Julia when she was only a few days old, and you can see some pictures from Julia’s newborn shoot on the blog here. Putney and Fulham are increasingly popular destinations in London for my children’s and family photography, and I love the area with all its fantastic parks that make wonderful locations for family photo shoots.

Julia’s portrait session took place at the picturesque Bishops Park in Fulham, and we had such a great time taking family photographs and updating Julia’s portraits. Julia’s parents are dear friends of mine from our days studying together at Cambridge University and it was so lovely to catch up while we took pictures. It’s funny to think back to the time we spent together, pouring over medieval manuscripts in the library – so different to running around the park with a camera and a very excited little girl, working on the perfect portrait photograph. How time flies!

Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is a beautiful portrait of Julia taken in one of the greenhouses in the walled garden at Fulham Palace. It’s a lovely spot in Bishops Park and not one I had been to before – I’ve photographed in the gardens before, but the greenhouse was new to me and we loved exploring together. Julia enjoyed looking at the tomatoes (and I’m sure she would have loved to eat them, they looked wonderful) and the cucumbers growing in the sunlight. This shot was taken as Julia explored the tomato aisle and I love it.

As soon as we entered the greenhouse, I knew I wanted to take a picture that made use of the wonderful shapes of the leaves. I love how they catch the light and provide a really interesting environment for this portrait. By crouching low, to Julia’s eye level, I was able to shoot through the canopy and frame her within the foliage. It looks like she is exploring a jungle, rather than on a family photo shoot in London.

I love how the leave at the top of the image, curling over from the left, echoes Julia’s arms with the opposite curve. It’s an image that is all about curves and shapes – the curves of leaves, the curves of Julia’s arms, the curls of her hair and even the little polka dots on Julia’s dress echo this feeling of the circle through which we are looking at Julia as she smiles such a happy smile.

I love this image and I hope you do to, today’s Just One preview image from our children’s and family photography session in Fulham. I look forward to sharing some more pictures from our morning together on the blog soon, so please do check back.

If you would like to take advantage of the lovely weather during the school holidays to book your own family photo shoot, please do get in touch – we still have a few dates available during the holidays and would be delighted to hear from you.

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