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Just One – children’s portrait photography in Holland Park, W London


It's the body language and the expressions of excitement and happiness that I love best in this photograph, today's 'Just One’ preview from my recent family and children's portrait photography session in Holland Park, West London.

I was lucky enough to visit Marina and her lovely family back in 2011, when twin brothers Isaac and Jeremiah were just a few days old. It was so wonderful to see the family again, do take a look at a few photos from their newborn photo shoot on the blog to see just how much the boys have grown!

But back to day's 'Just One' preview and I love how the boys are clearly delighted – they are springing up onto their tip toes, laughing like mad. It’s the toes that grab me – that element of physical joy that, combined with the wonderful natural smiles on their faces, make this picture something really special. You can't fake the excitement of tip toes!

I also love the way that the light and the composition really add to the picture; I wanted to capture the environment of lovely, leafy Holland Park and I love how the majestic tree anchors the boys within the environment, with the leaves at the top of the frame balancing the boys at the bottom, creating a really lovely composition. The back light gives a lovely soft halo to the children and that, combined with the shallow depth of field, really separate them from the background and makes them such a strong subject within the photograph.

I'm thrilled with this picture from our recent children’s and family photo shoot in Holland Park, and look forward to sharing some more pictures from our fabulous morning together on the blog very soon.

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