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Just One – Theo – children’s portrait photography in Hyde Park, West London


Sometimes, magic happens. I have a picture in my viewfinder – my subject is in the right place, there is a great backdrop or environment to hold the eye, my horizon is straight (which is harder than you might think), there is a perfect balance between the secondary elements in the background and I’m ready to take a picture. I do take a picture and then, suddenly, something happens – something brilliant that takes a good image and makes it something really, really special. This happened for this picture of Theo taken during our recent children’s and family portrait photo shoot in Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, West London.

Theo and his sister Maia love this statue of the horse – the inscription on the base (just visible) reads ‘Physical Energy’ and I think it sums them up so well; they are such enthusiastic, energetic children and so much fun to photograph. Theo had climbed onto the base of the statue, which was clearly a much loved activity at the park, and was standing looking out. I had my image ready, loving the bright white sky, the balance of trees and the statue itself surrounding Theo, making him stand out from the background. Everything was in place, and then the birds came. A flock of geese flying over towards the pond. In truth, I wish there were slightly fewer of them so we could really see the shape of their formation but I will settle for this with the fantastic energy brought to the picture by the birds, bringing the image to life and filled with the physical energy of the title.

I absolutely love it, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our children and family photography session in Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, West London and I hope you will enjoy it too.

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