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Just One – Laszlo – children’s portrait photography at the Paddington Basin, London


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image combines lots of my favourite things – graphic design, the great use of leading lines, an interesting location and most of all, a great expression from one of the most cheerful little boys I have had the privilege to photograph regularly over the years. I love everything about it, even down to how Laszlo’s stripy jumper mirrors the stripy pattern of the steps at the Paddington Basin near the Regent’s Canal in London.

I have been lucky enough to photograph Laszlo four times now and he’s such a fun little boy – always cheerful, always laughing and always keen to play a game or two. We had a wonderful morning as always, exploring the area around his lovely Maida Vale home. On this occasion we walked along the canals of Little Venice looking at the boats, the ducks, and the many Paddington Bear statues that are currently on display in the area (I hadn’t realised how many people are trying to tick them all off, but it was clearly the activity of choice for most people at the weekend).

I had not been to the Paddington Basin before but I loved it, and when I saw these steps I knew it was a photo opportunity that I would enjoy. I love the lines, the graphic sweep of the stone, and the strong pattern of the grassed areas which make it the perfect place to play. We had so much fun running up and down, climbing to the top and then running back down again – all the fun you can have on a giant staircase.

This image is one of my favourites from our morning spent together – a lovely, happy shot of a child in their element, running around, laughing and having fun during our recent children’s and family photography session in London. I hope you enjoy it too.

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