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Just One – Anna – Chislehurst family photography


I first photographed Anna back in 2007 and so I was absolutely thrilled to visit the family again at their Chislehurst home in South East London to update their family photographs.

I vividly remember our first photo shoot – Anna was playing in the garden, doing wonderful twirls, introducing me to her cuddly toys and also playing on a wonderful den/climbing frame/house that was in the back room. We had incredible light, too. It is always interesting to me what I remember from my photo shoots. We had a great time back in 2007 and so I was really excited to visit again and to see how much Anna had grown.

Since 2007, the family has grown with the addition of two dogs – the fabulous Ferm and Bramble – who were such great fun to photograph and Anna has moved to boarding school. I hear Harry Potter is the inspiration for kids going to boarding school now, whereas I remember desparately wanting to go after reading Malory Towers. Anna was home for the half term holidays and was on great form.

We went out for a walk with the dogs and almost immediately Anna was climbing on things, and I was taking pictures. This ‘Just One’ preview image from our shoot stood out for me as soon as I began downloading the files. I love Anna’s massive smile and her look of such hapiness and joy as she hangs upside down in a tree – in some ways so grown-up and in others still enjoying the very best activities that childhood has to offer. I do think as adults we should climb more trees!

Today I thought I’d also post a picture from our shoot in 2007 – Anna has grown so much, but that wonderful smile is just the same.

I do hope you enjoy this ‘Just One’ preview image from our children and family photography session in Chislehurst, South East London


And then, from our family photo shoot back in 2007:

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