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Just One – Finn – children and family photographer in Chiswick, West London


Chiswick in West London is one of my favourite places for children and family photography, it’s such a lovely area. I was thrilled to visit Alison and Finn during half term for some photographs in and around their Chiswick home.

We started nice and early for our session – I always find the little ones are at their best first thing in the morning and so I arrived at Alison’s home at eight o’clock and, armed with a lovely cup of coffee, we started to take photographs of Finn.

Finn was an absolute joy – straight away he was showing me his books and wanting to climb on my head and play with my cameras. There’s nothing quite as enticing as buttons to draw a child with sticky fingers to a piece of expensive equipment! It was great fun – we played in the lovely light living room and had a wonderful time. After a while, the rain began to lessen and we headed out into the fresh air. Unfortunately the storm had closed Chiswick House but a trip to the local park was a great success and resulted in this image, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image of Finn on the slide.

I love slides, almost as much as the children! It’s a perk of the job that it’s always much easier to go down the slide myself than it is to climb back down with all my cameras. And of all the slides, a reflective slide is always a personal favourite.

As Finn slid down, I prepared myself to a capture a picture as he got to the bottom, looking up with that look of happiness and satisfaction, and aiming to capture his reflection looking up at him from the slide itself. I used the handles and the edges of the slide as leading lines to draw the eye down towards Finn, and to make a strong and dynamic composition.

I’m thrilled with this picture, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our children and family photography session in Chiswick, West London.

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