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Just One – children’s and family photographer in Chiswick, London W4


I’m very lucky in so many ways – having a wonderful job that I love is one of the best things, but also being around children each day. Children are such fun to photograph as they constantly remind me of the fun and excitement of life – how every moment is incredibly special, exciting and wonderful. I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday morning in Chiswick photographing Carmen and her beautiful family – a family who reminded me just how wonderful life can be.

The children were hilarious and so full of energy, excitement and joy for the simple things – getting up, eating breakfast, going to the park and running around. They were such a joy to photograph for our family portrait photography session in Chiswick.

This picture was taken right at the beginning of our session when the children realised there were ducklings to be fed and off they went running running running – so fast in the exciement to get there and be the first to throw in some bread.

Emilia and Nicholas are fifteen months apart in age – the same as me and my brother Giles – and throughout the shoot I was reminded of just what a great age difference that is. You have your independence (different school years, etc) but you are close enough to really share and love the same games, the same jokes, the same giggling hilarity at the world and everything in it. In this shot I love how Nicholas is running to keep up, laughing along with his sister who has taken the lead and is grinning with joy at the thought of those ducklings.

I love that Pete and Carmen are there in the background, looking on and laughing at their children with that expression of joy and love that I see so often on parents faces as they watch their children playing and laughing together. They might also be wondering if Emilia will stop or veer round me, or if I am about to be run over by a very excited three year old (I admit I was wondering the same thing).

It’s a great picture of a family united in laughter and activity, and yet everyone’s individual personality is shining through.

I hope you enjoy this ‘Just One’ preview image from our children and family photography session taken on location in Chiswick in West London, W4.

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