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Just One – Family photography in Cornwall


I recently travelled down to Cornwall to meet Jonathan and his wonderful family for our children’s and family portrait photography session and I had the most wonderful time.

We had the most amazing conditions for our family shoot – a lovely shaded patch of foreshore in the water’s edge with a picturesque wooden jetty and some lovely long grass swaying in the sea breeze. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. Add a collection of the most delightful children and we were set for a brilliant day.

Today’s ‘Just one’ preview image is from a series of pictures where the children were playing ‘catch the Were-Rabbit’. This is why I love photographing children – the limitless imagination and the possibilities of wonderful exciting games that they come up with, unbidden. As soon as they started playing, I knew it would make for fantastic pictures as the children bunny-hopped about chasing each other with the giant net (I guess the crabs must have been happy to have a brief respite from being the focus of the net). It was absolutely hilarious.

This picture caught my eye immediately – the look of absolute joy and happiness on Lyra’s face, so happy and so beautiful in her lovely dress with the movement in her hair reflecting the movement in the long grass. Jack moving in to catch her and the net at its most expanded shape showing just how big it was and the perfect size for capturing a loose Were-Rabbit. I love how it’s such a simple game – a magical moment from childhood and caught just at the decisive moment. I am so pleased with it.

I hope you like this preview image and do check the photoblog again soon for some more pictures from our wonderful children and family photography session in Cornwall – I can promise crabs and boats galore, and possibly some more of those wonderful Were-Rabbits.

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