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Just One – creative black and white family photography


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview is about location, about environment, about family and about light – wonderful, wonderful light. As a photographer striving to create really interesting, varied and exciting family photographs on a daily basis, light is integral to my work. Seeing the light, using the light and working with the light to produce something spectacular for my clients is my passion, creating family photographs that will look amazing on the wall.

During Jackie’s recent family photo shoot near Worcester, we had the most incredible light. It was a lovely, bright summer’s day and we had the benefit of a brilliant location with lots of options for family photographs where I could use the light for maximum effect. A bright day where there is no shade is not ideal for portrait photography but when I have options regarding location and the use of backlighting, it can be as spectacular as it was for this picture.

We explored the riverbank for a couple of pictures and then Jackie explained it was possible to get out of the garden and around onto the bridge. The light was pouring through the trees and I knew it would make a brilliant backdrop for a family photograph. I love shots like these where the family are small in the frame and we get a really great feeling for the environment, here the lush English countryside on this sunny summer’s day.

I love this image and I hope you will, too – today’s ‘Just One’ preview image, a creative family portrait photograph utilising natural light to great effect.

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