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My annual photo shoots, with Mette and her wonderful family, have been highlights of my year since we first met back in 2009. Karoline was under a month old for our first photo shoot and it’s been such a pleasure and a privilege to watch her grow up, she’s such a fun, intelligent, interesting little girl and we have such fun taking photographs together. Along with her younger brother Jacob we’ve been to so many places over the years, from photo shoots in South London parks, near to the family home in Dulwich, to a amazing session while visiting Mette and her family on at their stunning Danish summerhouse. Each photo shoot is different, each is unique, and each one is fantastic fun. Over the years we have built up an incredible set of pictures that I know both the children will love to look back on as they grow up.

Today’s Just One feels, to me, to capture Karoline’s wonderful sense of fun. Exploring the amazing glass houses on our day out at one of England’s most beautiful gardens we realised that some of the more elaborate leaves would make fantastic hats or hairstyles. This leaf, over hanging the path, was just perfect, looking like the most incredible hat or some kind of elaborate hair style from the eighties punk rock scene, I just love the spikes!

I love Karoline’s expression, completely engaged in the game and clearly having such a lovely time. I love the shape of the leaves and the way the light plays on both the subject leaves and also on those of the plants behind. It makes a really strong composition in this interesting and creative child portrait photograph. I hope you like it as much as I do and I’ll enjoy sharing some more from this photo shoot in the future.

If you are planning your own family photo shoot for the summer and like what you see here on my blog and on the main children’s gallery on the website then do get in touch, the summer is booking up but we still have spaces available and I’d love to meet your families and take your photographs, you can be sure we will have a wonderful time together.

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