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Just One – William – Crouch End children’s photographer


Today’s ‘Just One’ blog post features an image from a recent children’s portrait photo shoot in Crouch End, the lovely area of North London where I live.

I met Julie at our local park to photograph Will playing and having fun – doing all his favourite things in his favourite place, Priory Park in Crouch End. It’s a great park and lovely for me to be taking pictures here for change, rather than running circuits with my running club.

I love this image as Will is so happy – he’s just climbed up onto the big climbing frame and looking through, he fixed me with this wonderful grin – perfect for a children’s portrait photograph.

Playgrounds are a lovely place to photograph as children enjoy them so much, but they offer challenges to the children and family photographer as images need to be well composed and free of distractions. In particular, free of other children in the background, which can be a challenge in a busy park – and one that having over ten years’ experience of photographing children in London parks really helps me with. I’m always looking for interesting compositions and backgrounds to create a really striking portrait in these challenging conditions.

I’m thrilled with this image – I love the dramatic feel to the image and how Will is framed within the wooden structure of the climbing frame. It’s an image that will look incredible in a frameless display – perhaps as a lovely big aluminium print for the wall.

I hope you like it too, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our children’s portrait photography session in Crouch End, North London N8.

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