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A fabulous morning with Florence

A bit of crinkle-nosed cuteness today for my Just One from a recent shoot working as an East London baby photographer. This was our second photo shoot, we had first met when Florence was four months old for a wonderful baby photography session at her East London home. I was so thrilled to go back and see the family again and update their pictures last week.

We had such a great morning that encompassed so many activities from a trip to the park and the playground to playing at home in the garden. Florence played in her paddling pool and we enjoyed her incredible bubble machine.  We read books in Florence’s bedroom and painted in the living room, it was a truly action-packed family photo shoot and brilliant fun from start to finish. Twenty months old is such a lovely age for pictures.

It’s been so hard to begin to narrow down my favourites but this combination of pictures really caught my eye. I’ve always loved tunnels as places for children to play, they create such wonderful pictures with natural framing and really interesting patterns of light. I was so pleased that Florence loved it too and happily crawled from one end to the other and then stopped for a second to have her portrait taken, a perfect bit of modelling before she’s off again.  I love the look on her face, hands in the air as if to say ‘look at me, I’m crawling in the tunnel, isn’t it such fun’

And then the second picture is just unbelievably cute, Florence’s face scrunched up with absolute joy and happiness as she laughs. She had come closer to the camera and to her parents and looked up at them and burst into these giggles. I love how she is almost bursting with happiness in this picture of pure emotion. The light glinting of the edges of the metal tunnel adds to this feeling of movement and energy, happiness radiating from Florence in it’s centre.

I think the two portrait photographs work so well in combination, the first calm and serene, setting the scene and the second, pure joy and crinkle-nosed cuteness. I love them both.

If these are the kind of pictures that you would enjoy for your family then do drop me a line and we can have a chat about your requirements. The Sumer is busy but there is still some availability in mid to late August and I’d be thrilled to meet you and your family.  For more information about my family photography, my baby photography and how it all works then do take a look at the links.