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East London Baby Photography – Just One


Four months old is a delightful age for photographing babies and I was so pleased when Spacey booked me in to photograph her daughter at their East London home. At four months babies are smiling and interacting with those around them, they are able to hold their heads up and are beginning to settle into some kind of routine, it’s a wonderful age for beautiful portrait photographs. Spacey had originally been a client of my husband Tom, back in his wedding photographer days, and I was really looking forward to meeting her and her family.

We spent a fantastic morning together taking pictures. Baby Florence was an absolute joy to photograph, with the most delightful smile and such bright, inquisitive eyes. I always work around naptimes when photographing little ones and we utilized the moments of sleep to their utmost – walking out to the nearby park while Florence slept. I find that keeping to a baby’s routine is so important on a photo shoot as the little ones are always in a great mood when they are well rested and parents are relieved that their usual schedules are not disrupted.

Florence’s habit of catnapping was perfect from my point of view – we did some pictures at home, then out for a sleep and a walk, some pictures in the park, a short sleep on the way home and then a few more pictures indoors before a snooze beckoned. I could so easily live my life like that – I do love to nap.

It’s been so hard to choose a favourite for my just one as the shoot had so many different elements from Florence snuggled on her parents bed to being wrapped up warm in the park (it hardly feels like it was only a week ago we were wrapped in hats and scarfs) to back home playing with her toys. I love to capture a really wide variety of images in the course of my photo shoots and I really like pictures that show every day life, the toys the children enjoy, the walks to the park as well as the portrait photographs.

It’s a portrait photograph I have chosen today, I knew I would love this shot as soon as I clicked the shutter. I used the window to provide a really soft backlight and lay on the floor so I was shooting from Florence’s level. I love how the light creates this stunning soft modeling on her face, light and shadow sculpting her lovely features in this beautiful picture. I love Florence’s expression, so inquisitive and with a little smile as she looks up at her parents and the soft detail of the wisps of hair, everything together creates this beautiful portrait.

I’m so pleased with this picture and am looking forward to sharing some more images from this baby and family session in East London soon. If you would like to book your own session then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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