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Just One – family photography in Kensington, W London


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is from my fourth family photo shoot with Emma and her beautiful family in lovely, leafy Kensington. I feel incredibly privileged when I’m invited to visit families regularly and see how the children grow up, getting to know everyone really well over the years and always having such fun sessions.

We had an great weather for our family photography session – it was lovely and warm and slightly overcast, perfect portrait photography conditions. The children had such fun running around the garden square, exploring, hunting for easter eggs (we like to keep things seasonally specific here at Helen Bartlett Photography), playing on the swings, enjoying a game of hide and seek, all the fun things we like to do on a photo shoot.

I’ve chosen today’s ‘One Just’ preview image as I love the expressions, which are so happy and joyous as Hannah enjoys a visit from the tickle monster! These little moments are so important to me on photo shoots; I love taking the beautiful close up portraits, as well as shots that incorporate the architecture and the environment, but I also love photographs like these. Little moments of shared love between family members, capturing something as everyday as a snuggle and a tickle and a shared laugh; moments that are so precious and wonderful to record. I truly believe that pictures like this will be treasured as the girls grow up and then have families of their own; these photographs will be looked back on with such happy memories and it’s a privilege for me to be able to capture these for my lovely clients.

I do hope you like it too, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from our children’s and family photography session in Kensington, West London.

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