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Just One – Theo – family and baby portrait photography in Holland Park, West London


Sometimes I take a picture that sums up a feeling and for today’s ‘Just One’ preview image, that feeling is love. It’s a picture that captures happiness, pure and simple – the joy of parenthood, the absolute love of parents for their child, and of a baby for their mum and dad. To me, this picture has all of those things.

This photograph was taken at Theo’s first birthday party in Holland Park, West London. I spent an afternoon taking relaxed documentary photographs of baby Theo’s party as his friends and family gathered to celebrate his first birthday, bringing gifts and good cheer – it was a wonderfully happy afternoon spent at the park. I look forward to sharing some more images from the family’s celebration on the blog soon – pictures that capture the fun of the day, with the children running around and playing, and adults chatting and laughing together in the afternoon sunlight. It was a lovely day and I feel privileged to have been asked to photograph it.

But back to today’s Just One preview image, and this shot grabbed me instantly as I love its spontaneous feel, and the lovely joyous expressions on everyone’s faces. Theo is looking at his mum Katie, laughing and happy as his dad kisses and cuddles him. Martyn is so happy to be playing with his baby son, pulling him close and enjoying that lovely baby snuggliness. I also love how Katie looks up at her family with pure joy on her face, and how everyone is connected and all in contact – it’s a photograph of a wonderful moment for the family.

I look forward to sharing some more pictures from Theo’s first birthday party in Holland Park, West London on the blog soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this wonderfully joyful family portrait.

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