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Family Beach Fun – Just One


I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a great family photograph and the pictures that often draw me are ones that show relationships and interaction and that is why I love this family photograph taken on the beach so much.

A cold day on the Northumberland coast but one of those incredibly bright days with not a cloud in the sky and we had a wonderful time running around and jumping on the dues. Ella and Rosie loved playing with their parents, building sand castles and being thrown in the air while baby Mhairi slept most of the morning snuggled in her parents arms (and enjoying a game of football from the safety of her sling). It was such good fun.

The beach means so much to the family and it was lovely to get out of London and visit a new location. It’s great fun to photograph in places that are important to my clients, capturing pictures that will hold so many memories for them as the children grow up.

This picture really caught my eye as it sums up our day so well – lots of action with Rowan swinging his daughter round in circles and Ella, laughing so much as she spins. Little Rosie, looking up excited that it will be her turn next with the sun catching in her curls, that wispy baby hair that will probably grow out before long. Lucy chilled out in the background with baby Mhairi, looking on at her family and smiling as they all have fun together. It’s a lovely picture of a wonderful family and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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