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Just One – family photography on Hampstead Heath


Hampstead Heath must be one of the most beautiful spots in London and as such, I’m always particularly pleased to head over to Hampstead from my home in Crouch End for a fun-filled family portrait session.

It was one of the first days of this glorious weather we’re experiencing when I travelled to Hampstead to meet Jennie, Henry and Jonty for their family photo shoot. The sun was shining and everyone was filled with that wonderful feeling of optimism that a beautiful day brings, and I knew that we would have a great time together.

When we arrived on the Hampstead Heath, we decided to explore and see where the mood took us, all the while capturing family pictures as Jonty played. It’s so much fun being out and about early in the morning with a happy family while taking photographs – it’s certainly my favourite way to spend a morning. Hampstead Heath is such an amazing location and my longer blog post to follow will really show the variety of photographs that I took over the morning. However, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is a real favourite from the session.

I knew I would love this shot as soon as I pressed the shutter button – it’s such an idyl of childhood and family life.  The lovely long grass and the soft back lighting make for a beautiful setting, and both Jennie and Henry look fabulous – so relaxed and happy.  It’s Jonty’s pose that makes this picture for me, though. When asked to sit for a quick family shot, instead of sitting on the ground, he threw his arms around his father’s neck and nuzzled in close, such love and happiness in his face, and so full of laughter.

All these things combine to make this a real favourite family photograph for me – the light, the location, the soft grasses in the foreground and happiness so evident in the family, showing in the laughing eyes, massive smiles and most of all in Jonty’s loving hug with his Dad. Perfect.

I hope you like this ‘Just One’ preview image from our recent children’s and family portrait photography session in Hampstead, London NW3 as much as I do.

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